Conference Review

Review of the FastForwardForum 2018 in Saint-Tropez

What happens when you take the cream of today’s biggest thinkers, an elite bunch of curious minds from across the business world and then transplant them into the south of France for an intimate three-day conference on the future of, well, everything? Take a look!

Get an impression of the conference in 2018

From the think tank to the pool!

The first FFF was full of great ideas. One of them was the choice of the location: Villa Belrose, an intimate 5* hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez. For three days the beautiful venue transformed into an idea-playground for guests and speakers alike.

Opening Up

Better than playing golf.

An honest outlook onto the things that could (and hopefully should) soon become reality without attempting to impress. We take a very human trip into the fast-coming future, trying to discuss it and shape it and not just accept it as a fact. This human trip into the future starts with our DNA and how to manage talent. Letting the child in us rule, we ask simple yet impactful questions about our futures. We remember that consumers today are human beings and not pure homo economicus digitalis. What we eat and how we take care of our health depends on the need for education and the ability to reflect on our personal lifestyles. Changing things for the better needs innovators with open minds. We have to employ all our curiosity and open our eyes to help people see their futures and not simply prolong the past.

The book offers new ideas, open ends, connected topics and the conclusion “Let’s not only be optimistic about the future, let’s be possibilistic.”

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