COVID and Culture: Understanding the Pandemic’s Effect on Society

COVID-19 is a collective enemy that follows no rules, boundaries or strategies.

It has revealed societal cracks that were easy to coverup when economies were flush or overlook with more prominent distractions. It’s easy to ignore the impact of business on climate when the dividends keep rolling in. It’s convenient to brush off the digital divide when companies put technology in people’s hands. And, it’s handy to pretend the world is as we want to see it when it’s actually crumbling around us.

The vulnerabilities that the coronavirus has unveiled are socially driven. To understand how we address things such as climate change, wage inequalities and healthcare coverage for everyone, we have to understand our consumption habits and expectations about how we define “success.” To make change happen on a bigger scale, we have to start by changing individual expectations about what’s possible. We also have to reevaluate our values and why we prioritize ones over others. It’s then that we’ll have clarity with our actions.

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Carla Johnson
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