Conference Preview

About the FastForwardForum 2019

What better place could there be to gather a handchosen selection of some of the business most curious thinkers and international top speakers to discuss the future of business and innovation than in the Silk Road City of Venice; itself a symbol of invention, creativity, commerce and conversation, a bridge between the new and the old, the East and the West? 

Over the course of 72 hours internationally-renowned keynote speakers will lead the discussion across a number of businesscritical topics including the future of innovation, health, social responsibility, communications, brands, work, leadership and education. 

Together we will explore, debate, discuss and dispute the challenges and opportunities facing us as business leaders, but also consumers, activists and as cheerleaders for the responsible advancement of society itself. 

This is your chance to be part of the ultimate un-conference and share the stage: where your ideas and thoughts will make a difference and shape the conversation. You will be joined by the conference founder, hosts and some very special ambassadors from the first FastForwardForum held in St. Tropez. 

But it’s not all hard work: the Forum will be held in the extraordinary setting of the JW Marriott Resort, boasting its own private island in the Venetian lagoon. Our delegates will enjoy an exclusive side programme of events, such as an Aperitivo at Harry’s Bar, a private tour of the Theater La Fenice and an excursion to the Guggenheim museum.

The founders and hosts Heimo Hammer, Dave Birss & Jon Burkhart are looking for the best challengers of tomorrow.

The FastForwardForum

35 People & 72 Hours of inspiration

Speakers confirmed include brand and business innovator Cindy Gallop (“I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.”) on the future of social responsibility; radical marketing visionary and entrepreneur Igor Beuker (“Burning Man meets TED”) on the future of leadership as well as author and storyteller Carla Johnson on the future of innovation; the multi award winning surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator and entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Shafi Ahmed; the entrepreneur, board member, author and future of work speaker Sunnie J. Groeneveld; the neuroscientist and business professor Dr. Moran Cerf, the computational psychologist Dr. Sandra Matz and the neuroscience program at Northwestern university Vienna Dr. Gerald Bast and Lucie Greene, the worldwide director of The Innovation Group (a future think tank at J. Walter Thompson).

Also attending are our FastForwardForum ambassadors: entrepreneur and former co-founder of Shazam Dhiraj Mukherjee; founder of VBites Heather Mills; author and head of the Institute of Medical Genetics at the Medical Universtiy of Vienna Markus Hengstschläger; author and technologist Pete Trainor; Robin Farmanfarmaian, speaker, entrepreneur, angel investor and author as well as marketer and innovator Matteo Atti.

FastForwardForum 2019

Are you ready to join the FastForwardForum 2019 and be at the crossroads of thinking around innovation and technology; how we can learn from the past and interrogate the issues of today to help shape the future of tomorrow?

Opening Up

Better than playing golf.

An honest outlook onto the things that could (and hopefully should) soon become reality without attempting to impress. We take a very human trip into the fast-coming future, trying to discuss it and shape it and not just accept it as a fact. This human trip into the future starts with our DNA and how to manage talent. Letting the child in us rule, we ask simple yet impactful questions about our futures. We remember that consumers today are human beings and not pure homo economicus digitalis. What we eat and how we take care of our health depends on the need for education and the ability to reflect on our personal lifestyles. Changing things for the better needs innovators with open minds. We have to employ all our curiosity and open our eyes to help people see their futures and not simply prolong the past.

The book offers new ideas, open ends, connected topics and the conclusion “Let’s not only be optimistic about the future, let’s be possibilistic.”